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The more you know, the more you can grow.


Rental shoes & harness included.

Top Rope Belay Lessons (1hr)
1 Person -  $35/ea.
2 People - $30/ea.
3 People - $25/ea.
Group (4+) - $20/ea.

Lead Belay/Climbing Lessons (1.5hr)
1 Person -  $60/ea.
2 People-   $55/ea.
3 People -  $50/ea.
Group (4+) - $45/ea.


Our Classes are offered on a periodic basis to provide members with an opportunity to grow their skills. Check the calendar for upcoming days and times.

Top Rope Belay Class (1.5hr): $15
Lead Belay/ Climbing Class (2hr): $40



More Info

Private lessons are for climbers all ages. Children younger than 13 may attend a belay lesson with a parent at a reduced cost. They will be able to fully participate, but are not able to belay unassisted or receive a belay tag until they turn 13. 

Classes are designed for adults and children 16+. Check the calendar for our next upcoming class. 

For Lead belay and climbing classes or private lessons, all instruction is on a manual belay device. Additional  instruction for specific belay devices may be scheduled after a Lead lesson or class has been completed.

For specific questions or to schedule a lesson, email

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